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desi_bull Male 38 Gay Submission Wrestling
Can host submission wrestling matches at my place or can travel. I'm a good host and rest assured you'll feel welcome. Prefer submission and erotic wrestling. Open to try new things. Can go from competitive or just roll around for a fun match - safe and sane only. I'm a sadistic heel and simply love punishing in long held humiliating holds and can keep going for hours dishing it out. I can maybe try being a jobber if someone want to fulfill his heel cravings but that's not something I'm inclined to but won't say no - we're here for mutual fun. Good to have in a match -- ;) A punishment round after a submission match where the loser surrenders the winner and gives in to be punished in a series of submission holds, loser is made to tap out repeatedly and shall be at the mercy of the winner without any resistance and only has one option - tap or submit verbally. The guy in control can refuse to let go of the hold at his will (hehehe) Finally looking for the one to come home to. :)
Bangalore India

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