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Older Native New Yorker
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denstur Male 68 Gay Friends
Native New Yorker lives in Greenwich Village NYC since 1979. Mostly into give/take wrestling. Have limited space in my studio apartment and cat. (Hope you're not allergic!) Just looking to meet some good people and have a look at what the others are doing these days. There's no 'Follow' feature, so please forgive me if I 'Buddy' you just to keep up with any updates you may post. I was the video cameraman for nhb-battle (now movimuswrestling) since about 1998 until 20016. So I also an always on the lookout for possible wrestlers. I like dining out, meeting new people, and going to hear my independent / underground musicians (all of which are, obviously, on hold for now). SciFi and mystery movies are other interests. Stay safe and healthy! Thanks!
New York New York

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