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jock into rough stuff
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dantian Male 51 Gay Friends
Lean athletic guy into strength tests, arm wrestling, gut/pec shots, some rough stuff ... Like simple gear, jeans, bare chests, singlets, speedos. Honestly, not a ton of wrestling experience here. But have been getting into boxing, and even at a beginner level, I find I like it way more than wrestling. Also, after years of splitting time between coasts, I'm full-time in DC, now. Finally -- I'm busy in ways that mean its hard to meet up, especially if you're far away. At the same time, I find lately that I mostly get to do this when I travel. I'm not a flake, I promise, but I'm partnered and have a child (open s in terms of wrestling and rough play) and so I might not get to go at it anytime soon. If we do, all the better!
District of Columbia District of Columbia

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