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Wrestling when I can...
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dallastxwrestle Male 53 Gay Open to all
Wrestler in Dallas looking for matches. 6', 245, 38w 46c 17a brn/brn (trimmed). Safe, sane and strong guys preferred. I respond to all serious inquiries. Please do not have preconceived ideas about who I will/will not wrestle. Enjoy the man on man contact on the mats and friendship developed during the match. Matches: submission, freestyle, erotic. Enjoy the pro-fantasy, but need some direction. Seeking local workout partner (weights and wrestling). If you are passing through town, hit me up. Sexual activity is not the same as wrestling. Wrestling is guaranteed, other has to be mutual and chemistry right. Favorites are guys I have wrestled. Bring your trash talk, but make sure u have something to back it up with. Will not do endless texting with guys - just set the match and show up.
Dallas Texas

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