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dallasmuaythai Male 41 Gay Boxing with sex
Hi, I'm Jay, a thirty-something boxing / muay thai fan originally from the UK but now here in America permanently. Boxed and practiced muay thai to an average level about 10 years ago at university, now looking to get back into it after a break. Huge fetish for fighting in shiny shorts (no jock), boxing and muay thai gear and - of course - fighting for top. Outside the ring I'm great fun, love socializing and having a laugh. Inside the ring however, I'm hugely aggressive with a voracious sexual appetite that drives my intense fighting style. Inside the ring I will want to hurt you and batter your body until I can beat you into submission before taking you sexually - and I will want you to be thinking EXACTLY the same to bring the intensity to our fight: no room for bottoms or jobbers here, I want a hard, erotically-charged match that's close. Obviously want to keep things same and sane - no headshots without a guard (I have a day job that requires my good looks) and no elbows - and I'm not really into wrestling. Can host and travel - initially I'll want to Skype with you and have some horny voice chat before taking it to the next stage, so no last-minute booty calls or time-wasters please. If any of this sounds like your cup of tea, drop me a message and I look forward to chatting some more.
Dallas/FW Texas

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