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wrestling makes me hard, losing even harder
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cyberjobber Male 65 Gay Wrestling with sex
Love wrestling but sadly after an operation to my neck I can't do the rough stuff anymore, so I go for the brutal stuff in cyber. If you want a rough nhb cyber (erotic or not) then hit me up. Jobber here who likes to be destroyed and humiliated. some of my pics are a bit older (2 years), some a year ago and and loads of recent ones. Just recently started to get into being a slave for leather masters. Cybers and chats only in English or Dutch please. I am however willing to meet up with guys for some light wrestling or sex plays now that I am back in Spain. NO CAM NO PHONE JUST CYBER And if you IM me and then do not reply anymore while still in the chatroom, you will be blocked straight away. I HAVE ENOUGH OF THOSE TIME WASTERS WHO THINK THEY ARE FUNNY BUT ARE JUST SO VERY SAD. And then something else, guys keep contacting me and asking me to dominate them. READ MY PROFILE FIRST. I always do before I IM somebody and still people get annoyed if I ask them if they cyber. If it was in the profile I would not ask them. Would like to be part of some action in the cyber room, which sadly does not exist anymore. new pics 09-2018
Torremolinos Spain

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