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Buff Nudist new to wrestling
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cwstache Male 66 Gay Play wrestling
Picture is fairly current I will be adding new pictures soon, but it is as it is for now. I have not changed much except for maybe a little grayer or maybe a lot depends on your perspective. Stats: Height 6’2” Weight: varies around 225 pounds, pure “semi-lean” beef. I am always working on it. I am currently at 23% Body Fat. Moderately Hairy I work out on a regular basis at LA Fitness in Grand Prairie and near Preston and 635 in Dallas. If you go to any of these gyms and see me, please say hello. I do not bite...…..well maybe just a little. If you do not like cats or dogs, we are not compatible and save yourself some time and move on. My Likes: I enjoy running around naked in my backyard as much as possible. Always enjoy company while doing it. I have a private pool and enjoy having friends over for clothing optional parties. I also enjoy going to nude events and would like to get with a group of friends who enjoy the same. I usually go to Austin Naked Yoga Campground every year. It is always a great time and lots of guys normally attend. Lately I have also gotten into Wrestling as part of my fitness regimen. So if you are interested in hitting the mats, I would be interested. It can be with or without gear. I am very much the amateur, so take it easy on me. Not a competitor, just enjoy the body to body contact. I enjoy hiking, camping and fishing as well but lately have not done much of it. Would enjoy being with someone who wants to get outside more and would keep me motivated to do so as well. I enjoy all types of exercise. I am into bodybuilding but do not consider myself an Adonis, maybe one in training and I have been training off and on for years. During this last year though I have really amped up my efforts. I expect anyone who would like to be friends with me take pride in themselves and their body. When you stand in front of the mirror naked do you like what you see and are proud of it, or do you wish you could retreat into a closet. If the latter, move on, I need people around me who are confident within themselves no matter what stage of fitness they are in. I also enjoy giving and receiving Massages. I have my own table and oils etc. but still consider myself to be somewhat of a novice. I have gone to many classes in Massage, even ones sponsored by Body Electric. Most of the massages I have given have been Tantric in nature, but if that is not your thing, I am capable of regular Swedish massages as well. If you are what people would say “Too Shy for words”…..stick around me awhile and I can certainly cure you of that. I am very secure in my own skin and what I want out of life. It is not written in stone but I tend to prefer in-shape “HAIRY” Masculine guys. I do not tend to go for anyone that is overly overweight or does not care about their fitness. (Smokers, etc. are definitely out of the question). My dislikes: Republicans who still insist Trump is a good president and a republican congress which is ineffective and members who kiss Trump's butt as much as possible. If you wear Trumps Baseball cap proudly but actually feel America was not great before he was elected, we truly have nothing to talk about. I think I have said enough. If you have read this far there may be hope for us to become friends. I am an open book. If you have questions you would like me to answer just ask them. I will warn you though, if the very first thing that you want to chat about is sex, I will lose interest immediately. Be Smart, Be Masculine and not a child, and you will do fine by me. When responding for the first time, say Hey Don!....I read your profile. This will definitely give you bonus points. I enjoy chatting with everyone.
Carrollton Texas

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