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Looking to make friend and have some fun wrestling
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crdudewrstl Male 35 Gay Wrestling, no sex
I´ve always been a huge fan of wrestling. I always loved to see two guys rolling around testing their strength, and of cores, I love to be part of the action too. Although I'm not trained, I do defend my self pretty well on the mat. It´s all about instinct, fight back your opponent even if he is more skilled, stronger, or bigger. Enjoy the body contact, the excitement of being locked with another man fighting hand to hand. Although I'm not trained, and my skills are limited, I do enjoy a tough and somewhat aggressive combat Always save ALWAYS SAVE AND SANE, not looking to injure anyone or get injured. I might be visiting Toronto in September, although it´ll be only for a few days, I´ll love to get some action there.
San José Costa Rica

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