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Boston Crab Jobber
username sex age sexual seeking
crabtaker Male 61 Gay Wrestling with sex
London - horny fit swimming jobber into submission wrestling. Love holds and being put in the full Boston crab is a total turnon. I also enjoy hammerlocks and the figure 4 headscissors. I can also heel nastily if you want it. I like trunks/boots footie socks and vids. My main aim is for both of us to have horny safe fun - I like being on the edge of total submission as long as possible. I have a place to wrestle and am sometimes free dring the day in the week. I'm sane and have a good attitude - you be the same. Although I'm looking to find regular buddies to push my pain threshold to the maximum I am open to all ideas. So long as we get horny doing it! That's me in the blue trunks by the way.
London United Kingdom

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