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another shot
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compfuncrushes Male 46 Bisexual Submission Wrestling
Only upon the begging of my boyfriend I am starting a fresh profile and welcome all challengers to fun competitive folk/sub/promission/strength tests/non comp boxing and give n take. We welcome round robins/tag team matches with my bf armwrestlenufcfreak. I started wrestling in 6th grade until my senior year of highschool. Have competed in many open USA/NAGA tourneys as well as 2 gay games. I do not compete any longer outside of in private and certainly with my strapping young man of a boyfriend. we host or do some travel. I will be leaving Wis. Feb 1 2019 to work in the Panama City FL area and the bf shall join me on weekends! I will have space to roll, bringing mats and lots of gear!
Racine Wisconsin

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