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Can you take my chokehold?
username sex age sexual seeking
chokeuup Male 27 Bisexual Wrestling, no sex
I am a college student that is looking for a little fun around Pullman Washington. I love constricting holds like choked, scissors, and bear hugs. I am looking for a jobber that can take a choke. Not looking for sex. I love chokehold/sleeper hold and love trading holds. I also really love white socks. I am a friendly guy and will talk about anything. Not really into Cyber but I can do it. I am up for pretty much anything. I cant travel. Hit me up on chat I would love to get to know more of you. Planning on being in Ireland for St. Patrick's day 2017 Will be in San Diego for a few days starting the 25th My recent match to RamCub
Silverdale Washington

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