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chokemaster Male 65 Other Squash Match
Age,race,looks,build,sexual orientation not important, although my ideal preference is tall/short, skinny/thin guys). I am 100% Heel but will wrestle submission matches or even horseplay or just exchange/practice holds. My favorite thing is to brutally work over Jobbers (without inflicting injury). I am very good with beginners and can teach you basic submission wrestling. So, you don't have to have experience. I respect limits always (although I love to make you big guys suffer some and I really like to test a guy's limits) and want both have a good time and get what each wants. I can be available almost anytime. I am safe and sane but a totally sadistic Heel!!! Especially like Italians, Germans, Brits, Aussies, Asians, Hispanics, Native Americans, Slovaks, and other Europeans and will gladly host any of those! Yeah, I like everyone. I am a good guy and want both of us to have fun, but I am a sadistic Heel! I can wrestle at any level you like. I also give really good complete body massages. By the way, I have had both COVID19 shots
Memphis Tennessee

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