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chifighter Male 27 Other Open to all
I am looking for fellow heavyweight fighters to match up against. I am a big fan of cyber fighting (especially boxing) and am always looking for new opponents. I do have a very diverse set of interests that I would be glad to find rivals to compete with in. These interests include sumo wrestling, boxing, gut punching, and tests of strength, as well as things like wedgies, spanking, tickling, tit twisting, face-farting (especially as a component of facesitting), food fights, and more. Ask me about other ideas you have. While I love doing cyber fights with everyone, I will consider meeting up for real with guys who I match up well against who are close by. I love tests of strength and other challenges, where we keep score throughout a whole series of contests. Please note that I am only interested in fighting other heavyweights near my own size. If you are skinny or muscular...best of luck in finding matches, but I probably will not respond to you in the chat.
Chicago Illinois

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