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High School, College Wrestler
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chagrinwrestler Male 28 Bisexual Open to all
I was a wrestler in high school and college, and now I coach. Love gear, especially singlets! Some of my sexual escapades include: -Wrestled naked with teammates -Practiced oil checks and butt drags in singlets during practice and out of singlets afterwards. Got good at it, a lot of guys miss the hole in the various positions that you end up in a match. Coach tip: Locate, penetrate, evacuate. Find the hole based on your hand position and feel, its no good to press against the taint or tailbone. Only penetrate with a single finger, your middle usually. Two fingers is too wide to go in and it spreads out the force. Use a swift and firm press. Enter 1/2 to 3/4 a fingertip, you know you're in when you feel the tightness of the sphincter. Do the butt drag or keep the inward pressure on until he loosens his grip for the oil check. Once you get the result, immediately pull out to regain use of your hand and to minimize the ref seeing this, in places that care. -Singlet play with a straight wrestler buddy. Bulge rubbing -Jerked off, 69, rimmed with teammates -Jerked off in the lockers at school and a tournament. A little bit of release after the no cum before matches rule.
Alliance Ohio

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