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Let's rumble!!
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camelclutch Male 45 Bisexual Open to all
hey bro, always on the look out to build up a good sweat with another dude. i'm into submission, pro/fantasy, promission, jobber/heel, back and forth, competitive, or just horsing around. open to most scenes. travel often. fave sub hold is fullnelson/scissors combo and the nelson/camel combo fave pro hold is the heartpunch and tombstone fave pin is a smother pin i’m down with showboating, trash talking, cheating, humiliation, or just a straight-up competitive match. okay with erotic if we click but making out, groping, maybe jo only (not into oral or anal), but also cool just wrestling for fun/sport. Be discreet (I don’t know you, you don’t me) and let’s rumble! fyi, most of the bros in my fave list i've wrestled in the past or setup to meet up soon feel free to send a flirt or message. i’m a premium member so if i leave you a message you can reply.
New York New York
Toronto Ontario

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