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Have I not described enough above?
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buzperry Male 68 Gay Workout Buddy
Have I not described enough above? I am 5'10', I used to be 5'11', but one shrinks with age. I always wanted to be 6 feet. I also always wanted to be blond, but that never happened either. When I was a young kid watching Saturday morning cartoons and Oedipus was still a complex - all the brave or clever animated characters were blond - all the evil or goofy characters were dark haired. As I came to realize that I was gay and never going to be blond I decided I wanted one(i.e a blond man). That never happened either. I did come to realize that there is a strong masculine and self confident trait in baldIng men though(former blonds or not) I hope these are enough characters so I can now 'Save Changes'.
Manhattan New York

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