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Long Slow Multiple Subs await....
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breakubro Male 45 Gay Wrestling, no sex
Whats up men?! Time to refresh this profile a little! hehe.... So I have had some decent matches of late and am currently leaning down but packing on lifting weight. Love submission matches and pro-holds used as real subs. Not really into jobbers and prefer matches to be competitive so when you yell out that submission I know I earned it! Have a nice arsenal of 7 different modified Camels and love trash talk and long held holds. Edging should be a national past time... Current stats are this; 50 1/2 inch chest, 18 inch arms, 30 inch quads, 21 inch calves and a size 12 wide foot. Currently taking Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to become leaner and meaner. Workout at Quads Gym and am into getting leaner and adding cuts. Side note; if we meet, I am friendly, nice, safe, sane and will remind you of an old bud. But when we are on the mats or having a match, make no mistake that real multiple subs will be happening and it will be VERY REAL. Alright boys, Lata!
Chicago Illinois

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