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Give me your adam's apple...
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boychokeu Male 31 Bisexual Bisexual Friends
I have a huge neck/choke fetish. I love the feeling of having my hands wrapped around a guy's throat, and kissing and sucking on his adam's apple. If you're into getting strangled, or a choke session, don't hesitate to reach out to me. a Choke Session: First, I'd blindfold you and whether you're sitting on a chair or lying in bed, I'd wrap my smooth legs around your waist. Then I'd tilt your head all the way back, have my fingers gently wrapped around your throat with my thumbs meeting in the front. Initially, I'll just rub and massage the neck gently. My thumbs gently placing pressure on the veins, and tracing the popped veins down your windpipe very softly. Gradually I'll start placing pressure and squeeze tighter and tighter..... The last part is the best part, and I'll just save that story until you decide you want to try it. I usually do this mostly with hands, but change things up for fun by using shoe strings, tooth floss, or other thin objects. Positions of choking change. From front strangling, then I choke from the side, and then wrap my fingersaround the neck again from the back, where I can use all index, middle, and ring finger to place pressure in the front. It will be a very sensual, yet erotic experience for the both of us.
Seoul South Korea

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