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I'm a slenderbuilt smooth guy that
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boxingtim Male 49 Gay Boxing with sex
I'm a slenderbuilt smooth guy that enjoys bedroom boxing, backyard boxing nude boxing and body to body contact with a guy for hot erotic fun. Beginner little experience here willing to learn more. Also wrestling In gloves clinching holding. Two hot sweaty guys gloved up getting It on whether it's trading light body shots or on the mats or bed rolling around making each other hard and horny from the body contact. Leave a way for me to contact you so we can chat maybe phone or get together for some hot erotic fun. Not looking for pain, Injuries or KO's but definitely HOT ACTION. I respect your limits and whatever rules we agree upon. I can also go for straight up boxing or full body contact without sexual expectations If you're looking for that only. I can't travel outside AL area at the moment but can split a hotel room here for meeting In person since I'm unable to host. Anything else just ask me.
Bessemer Alabama

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