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Been working out since I was
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boxerman58 Male 67 Gay Boxing with sex
Been working out since I was 30, just enough to stay fit and in reasonable shape. Made a recent decision to 'step it up' and get in even better shape. Through friends, found boxing workouts and sparring add that needed energy. Only been at it a few months so not very skilled and still a little fearful but find that is all the more reason to do it. Looking for men who are more skilled and don't mind teaching an old dog new tricks. also have a curiosity about wrestling. I find that there is an erotic element to both. Not looking to maimed or injured, just friendly matches to hone my skills and a chance to get sweaty with another man. Nothing hotter than two men testing each other out. Coming to Chicago for IML, May 25- 29..bringing my gloves and gear..any one want to give me or teach me a lesson???
Cincinnati Ohio

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