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I am presently an amateur masters
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boxerfighter1963 Male 57 Gay Open to all
I am presently an amateur masters boxer, muay thai kick boxer, masters mma fighter, jiu jitsu tournament competitor. Also, I train guys. GUYS--I know when we get older. we are not always able to keep those 6 packs. I am not into bodies just guys that are able to do what they say they want to do. If you want to box, then be able to box. If you man enough to take me on then be man enough to put a face pic on this site, otherwise I am not interested. My experience: amateur masters boxer 7-4-1 record boxing amateur muay thai kickboxing 1-1-0 amateur mma record 0-0-1 5 jiu jitsu tournaments 2-2nd place finishes 3-3rd place finishes Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. All fighting and tourneys were achieved after the age of 40. The first 6 guys I trained in amateur boxing all won their first fights. I was given these men to train to see if they had potential. After they won, they were then given trainers to help further their development. Experience hopefully count for something on this site. I don't do phone or Skype. Roleplay in these areas are fine but only in person. Also into leather and uniforms play. also gut punching. see which guy can last longer. Say hi.

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