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Back home for a few days
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bout Male 48 Gay Wrestling with sex
Heading back to London shortly and can hardly wait. Looking to meet up with old wrestle buddies as well as new. Just be in reasonable shape. Wrestle to fuck bouts are essential. Love winning and love to wrestle for prime piece of ass. If you lose you will submit to my cock and will pleasure me till I gush. I love to wrestle till exhaustion and enjoy hearing a good opponent moan as I apply tight holds such as boston crabs camel clutches bearhugs nelsons grapevines & surfboards. I also enjoy tight prolonged facepinning of my opponent and forcing him to gag on my cock as a forfeit for allowing my superiority! Cocky I know but those are the rules :)) You- just be in good shape and prepared for a long drawn out sweaty d fight followed by deep sex. Speedo jockstrap shorts briefs singlets are good but will end up on the floor! Oil a huge plus!!! Also looking for a tag buddy who will take part in spit roasting the loser. No sex? No match. Now...who's gonna be my next conquest
Honolulu Hawaii
London United Kingdom

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