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boricuatarzan Male 49 Gay Submission Wrestling
UPDATE- 5/7/2020 In a relationship with a hot man who knows I'm here (we actually met on here). So I'm only looking to wrestle with guys visiting or living in the area. ideally looking for other gay/bi muscled or muscle stocky wrestlers who prefer real submission or subs with body strikes. I will however incorporate pro holds used as real submission and dirty tactics so be warned! Friends off the mat, combatants fighting for alpha supremacy on the mat. If you like what you read and see on my profile; feel free to hit the 'Vote for this member' button and send me a message. I dig chatting with others regardless of experience. If you are visiting the Los Angeles area, I am usually able to meet most Saturdays only cause of my crazy schedule with prior notice. But otherwise, feel free to chat me up if you see me online or message me . Thanks!
Santa Monica California

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