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brawler boots n gars for stakes you name
username sex age sexual seeking
bootsngarsfighter Male 56 Gay Open to all
Love to wrestle or fight and keep it safe and sane and a little sweaty lets get it on Boots boners barehugs woof Ready to rumble lets roll mild to wild and anything in between. Send your # if your real and ready to get it on. No time for games. Bring your cowboy boots and Bring it on lets fight, scrap, wrestle name your pain and pleasure for stakes your willing to loose. Boots boners barehugs you name it step outside in the barn or back of my big rig. Lets fight for boots n stakes send a # if your real and ready to whup ass woof otherwise dont waste your time or mine. Like it all oil sweat ruff easy mild to wild lets get it on
Cadiz Kentucky

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