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Looking for cheerful uninhibited occasional smooth partner for fun wrestling,, nude or speedos
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bobslim Male 65 Bisexual Play wrestling
I'm slim, naturally smooth, muscular, work out regularly. Current photo makes me look chunkier than I am, but I've been working hard on the six-pack lately. Enjoy fun/erotic wrestling with other cheerful smoothies, plump or slim, male, female or TV. Not keen on hairies. Have found a brilliant venue in north Cheshire, England (Northwich Sauna), looking for others to share it. Enjoy long relaxed sessions of nude baby oil massage/gentle wrestling games. Discovered baby oil gel - it keeps you slidey for ever! Take great pleasure in keeping me and my partner very close to coming for a long time. Just been to Northwich sauna? It's very easy and very friendly. I got there last week for a couple of hours. Bit boring at first. Then found this small skinny muscular young guy in the sauna. I persuaded him to come in the showers and play with some slidey shower cream I'd taken. He had a really really hard little body - better six pack than mine (bit sadly no pecs and only tiny nipples). We had a great time fondling each others bodies with the shower cream and rubbing belly to belly. We both got big stiffies, so the next move was into a private room with my baby oil bottle. He was great - a bit passive, but so easy to lift around into some sexy wrestling and groping positions. Finally found that having his hard belly played with was a real turn-on for him. I pinned him down with my left arm across his chest and with my other arm pushed my thumb into his belly button to get a submission. We played for ages like that. It was great to massage his six-pack with the oil and his little hard belly button was brilliant to play with. Finished with a long belly-to-belly oil wrestle rubbing our hot dicks together till we were sliding on cum. Hoping to get there in the week - hopefully Wednesday to play with the TVs. I'll take my crop top and gym knicks to show off my girly body. Must get to the gym.
Warrington United Kingdom

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