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blackmuscle Male 41 Bisexual Open to all
smooth hot choc. into most scene's from mild to kink, plenty of gear for costume changes, equally versed at jobber & heel!!I know there are some fakes out there, and they were using my pics and trying to be me on line but this is the real Darius BlackMuscle Warrior and I am here ive wrestled some of the best from BG to COMMANDO MDW , and theres others that are afraid well id like to call them out like peole with 10 year old pictures who are now all out of shape or just afraid to wrestle me for real.all these fakes should be exposed or come to boston and wrestle for real for all those fakes who call themeselvess pros I am here and ready anytime. everyone else thanks for your support and keep the holds on. I am in top physical condition and always ready
Boston Massachusetts

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