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Army Visiting NYC 29June-3July2013. Looking wrestling/boxing matches
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bjj_combatives Male 51 Other Submission Wrestling
Army Visiting NYC 29June-3July2013. Looking wrestling/boxing matches. Staying Hell's Kitchen area. Military in transition job hunting & housing (Riverside, Brooklyn, Queens) for me & my black lab. 23-years service. OPEN entirely NEW job ventures & globally relocatable. Background is Project Management, IT-Cyber Security, Terrestrial and satellite communications, missile defense, space operations, imagery. Army Has Returned Duty (March, 2013). Wrestling, boxing matches Checking to see if you'd be interested and available to meet, go for a run, lift weights, have a beer, wrestle or box. Stationed in Suburban Washington, DC can host. Have genuine regulation resilite 12’ x 12’ wrestling mats as well as boxing gear (headgear, gloves and wraps) for two. Wrestling styles: (freestyle or submission, military combatives or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)? Let me know if you're ever in the (NYC or Washington, DC) area. Let's hit the mats and/or exchange some leather. Not a premium member so either reach me in the Chat room, leave me a way for me to contact you. One way or another I'm confident that you'll find me and we'll connect. Safe and sane matches (need to remain deployable) balanced with competitive and aggressive matches. I respect my training partners/opponents. I know control. I've never injured a training partner or opponent. Also have a hot tub to soothe muscles after a hard work out. On sex side, let’s fuck 'fuck our brains out'!
Alexandria Virginia

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