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bigtony is ready to rip u apart like thin paper
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bigtony Male 41 Gay Squash Match
40yr old total muscleman/powerlifter, wrestled since of age 8, bought into the sport by my dad, 2 time champion brawler growing up, and fuck! he is also a gay man., he sure is my hero. ive wrestled all through school, trained 4 yrs in bjj, wrestling and fighting is what makes my life a happy one. also i rip down once a yr and enter one b/building contest, the other love of my life. ONLY GUYS FROM SAY 275LB UPWARDS PLEASE, contact for a good sweaty manscented wrestle, for me the bigger the better. ok. smaller guys just dont give me a battle. FINALLY UNDERSTAND WHEN WE MEET ON THE MATS OR A RING, THERE IS ONLY ONE WINNER, NO FAKE ACTION, ALL FOR REAL.
Athol Massachusetts

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