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Want to meet new people in 2017
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bigchicago Male 32 Gay Open to all
I am up for just about anything you are. I love to wrestle, and am interested in boxing, ufc/mma, and fighting. I can get rough or just playfully role around. Just let me know what you are looking for and we'll work it out. I also don't mind meeting multiple people at once or having an audience (boyfriends/wife/etc). I love all kinds of rules, gear and even stakes and dirty tactics. Let me know if your interested in meeting. I am not premium, but nonpremium can now send 2 messages a day. Face pick available on request. I would be interested in maybe taking pictures or making videos with someone if you are. I want to meet a lot of new people in 2017, so don't be afraid to say high! I see multiple trips in my future, so you never know what could happen.
Chicago Illinois

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