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I love pro style wrestling the
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bhug3996 Male 60 Gay Open to all
I love pro style wrestling the most but open to all styles. I love to wrestle in speedos, pro trunks or singlet. Some of my favorite holds include: bearhug, abdominal stretch, camel clutch, boston crab, backbreaker, sleeper, piledriver, and various scissor combos. I am able to host and travel throughout U.S. and Canada. Also looking for guys into erotic wrestling. Nothing rough, serious or competitive. Lots of body contact, sweat, rolling around, agressive play. Like to add role play to the match: verbal, taunts & insults, back & forth, give & take. Two alpha males battling for superiority and dominance. Wrestle bareass, maybe oiled up. Stakes preferred and negotiable. I enjoy frottage too.
St Louis Missouri

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