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Fit, Almost 40, Novice
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better_angel Male 49 Gay Boxing with sex
Edit: Wow... thanks for all the messages! Wasn't expecting that within a day of signing up. It'll take me some time to go threw them all but I really appreciate the interest. Lots of hot guys on here! I'm a clean-cut masculine fit/athletic guy who gets off on rough-housing, roleplaying fights, (safe/sane/creative), and perhaps learning a thing or two along the way. Not looking for a squash job but enjoy being over-powered and squaring' off with someone who is more confident/competent than I am. Not looking to give/receive injuries--just mutual good time either ending with J/O or more--but not always necessary. Tend to prefer MASCULINE guys who are fit-to-stocky as well... furry bears drive me nuts. Will add more fight-appropriate pics soon. Thanks for checking me out!
Austin Texas

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