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Huge pro wrestling fetish! Hardon for overhead press slams!
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benchpressme Male 44 Gay Wrestling with sex
Rockhard pro wrestling fetish, major hardon for the tight gear you strip down and lock up with another muscleboy to wrestle in, and totally get off on getting manhandled in hot erotic prostyle power maneuvers, love getting lifted and lifting an opponent in them. Each pro move i exchange in the ring with my opponent gets me harder and hornier, totally get off on the power display! Love hoisting one another in holds until both ready to blow, then my biggest fantasy is to have a muscleboy finish me off in the ring by grabbing a handful of my throbbing bulge, using my crotch to lift me off my feet into the air, and pressing me straight over his head....Hoisted high above my opponent staring down at the canvas, my rod would be throbbing thru my briefs in the palm of his hand, until he gets even cockier slowly lowering me down and pressing me back up straight in the air, using me for reps like a set of freeweights....Totally demolished and outmuscled as i'm helplessly bench pressed repeatedly, i beg him to let me down, but he just begins pumping me up and down harder and faster, till i'm so hard i'm ready to expload, then quickly become the 1st to cum as i climax while i'm getting bench pressed and soak my speedos with a huge load, totally destroyed like a total jobber in a total squash match!
Tulsa Oklahoma
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