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Will be in Dallas, TX June
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bearassler32 Male 58 Bisexual Open to all
Will be in Dallas, TX June 22 thru 28th... Boston, MA from June 29th through July 4 and in the DC Area July 5th thru the 13th. I enjoy all styles of wrestling from light subs to good ole rough housin' and have even done some pro-style. I definitely have a favorite body-type, but nothing is set in stone....but here's a hint... bearish studs with hair on the head, body and face...move to the front of the line! About me--been told I'm pretty handsome and lots of fun to wrestle. At the present, I'm watching the calories and beefing up my gym routine. For those of you coming to, or through the OKC area, I can host, so hit me up. Give me a shout and I'll answer all your inquiries. Happy Grapplin', C
Yukon Oklahoma

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