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Seeking fun, frolic, in none too serious gapple matches
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bcfrottdawg Male 59 Gay Play wrestling
Back after a very long time gone, just looking to see what's on, old friends still here, or whatever, getting old, and have slowed down a lot, but still love the old physical connect of it all, more than anything else. If interested in chatting or dropping a line, please don't be shy. (Way back when...like 20 years ago,,,) Just your average joe who was turned on through wrestling in high school, and still a big kid at heart! Hoping to meet new friends with mutual interest in this which to me, wrestling is fun, frolic,, laughter, horseplay with a whole lotta sweating and struggling in-between while we both turn on the the body contact. Nothing hotter than hard dick to dick struggling! Grin! If you work out regularly, and would like a partner, duh! As for the match idea, love getting physical, and can get into singlet, squares, trunks, jeans, underwear, naked, frot, oil, and those with the white sweat socks that use their feet in a fight, well, it's a big turn on and makes my legs like spaghetti, so probably have already won. Also really into the being, pinned, sat on, raddled 3 or more pile-ups, etc. Loved being under the weight, so for those that can relate there, too....come over to TV and use me to sit on! (till I get bored and start kicking your ass! Grin) So, if you're into something or anything mentioned or have ideas of your own... Those looking for for any wrestle for the top sex dominance thing, not into anal (give or take so please don't expect it) Facesitting, force feeding, etc do work! Wink! Not looking for pain to give or receive to prove whose tuffest, I'm into the male bonding frr fun, with the attitude left behind, so to speak! So boys... All of you who already wrote! I'm overwhelmed by your kind words, but not a premium member, and although read here that messages were one every 20 hrs, have been advised it's not, so my not responding was not intentional. If serious, please leave an e-mail where you can be reached, Thx
Vancouver British Columbia

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