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Babyface jobber and heel looking for safe/sane pro KO matches!
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babyfacejobberboy Male 43 Other Wrestling, no sex
5'6, 170 lb babyfaced heel/jobber (switch) who loves roleplay-style pro fantasy wrestling matches (and has had legit ring training). Usually jobber vs heel, but I've done everything from tag teams to two jobbers getting destroyed by an invisible badass (SO much fun)! I'm a HUGE fan of fantasy knockout moves. Favorite finishers are sleeper holds, bearhugs, splashes, nerve holds, avalanche splashes, carotid artery pinches, belly blows, leg drops, heart punches, facesits, and pretty much anything that leaves a jobber boy laid out and unconscious on the mat!! Smooth skinned heels/jobbers are a plus (but not absolutely necessary if you're good at selling a match). I love to shave legs, chest, beard, stomach, speedo area, etc. before a match. I'm thinking it's because the first jobbers I fell in love with in the 80's were the local young guys who waxed/shaved before a match! HYGIENE IS A MUST: Not into smelly crotches/asses/etc. Love to shower and shave RIGHT before a match. Especially if moves like smother/scissors or facesits are involved. I won’t budge on that! Big into different types of gear, humiliation, etc. Speedos, leotards, singlets, brightly colored briefs, thongs, boots, elbow/knee pads, masks, etc. NOT INTO OBESE AND/OR EXTREMELY HAIRY OPPONENTS. This is not me being shallow. It's a personal preference I developed after watching years of smooth 'jobber boys' take a beating from similarly groomed/sized wrestlers or muscle heels. Please note that 'slighly overweight' is NOT the same as obese. If you have a classic 80's style beefy build (think Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard), I am GAME to be your 'classic' jobber toy! (Note: If you happen to be a KING KONG BUNDY type with skill and stamina, I will gladly make an exception. That guy is my DREAM HEEL). Other scenarios: long, back and forth KOs with an exhausted opponent. Lots of sleepy talk during knockouts (eg: 'shhh...that's it...go to sleep, jobber'), getting woken up and KO'ed repeatedly, superhero spandex KOs/stripping, being changed into skimpier gear after a KO, roleplay boxing KOs, getting nailed with big moves as I lay unconscious, and some over the top/silly KOs (overselling like the pros in the 80s). NOT INTO REAL PAIN...just fun roleplay. A little pressure is fine. Light impacts during punches, splashes, etc. is also okay. Also not into sex or oral, though I can get a bit sensual with some opponents depending on the chemistry (frottage, grinding, forced speedo massages, etc). Also not at all into real competitive wrestling or grappling. Hope to lock up with you soon!
Atlanta Georgia
My personal wrestling BLOG!!
My personal wrestling BLOG!
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