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New to wrestling, looking for strong guys to chat/wrestle with!
username sex age sexual seeking
az_guy Male 26 Gay Wrestling, no sex
Looking for matches with strong, nice guys who are preferably bigger than me and have some mass/muscle to them (although not required!). I'd like to do some competitive submission/promission matches. Not very strong but have decent endurance and like to struggle/fight back as much as possible. Looking for guys who are safe/sane, strong, and know what they are doing. I'm into holds like like healdocks, scissors, camel clutches, racks, bearhugs, slams, sleepers (dragon sleepers too), you name it. I'm still a work in progress fitness wise. Have lost about 40lbs slowly over the last few years, now trying to tone up/get some muscle. But am in pretty good shape cardio wise. If you're far away don't hesitate to say hey! I always enjoy chatting with like-minded men about wrestling, or about whatever! Look forward to chatting with you all!
Philadelphia Pennsylvania

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