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Love being a wrestler. Life is always good.
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averagejoe Male 59 Bisexual Open to all
Remember, it's not how hard you can get hit. Its how hard can you get hit and keep going. Pain is just a temporary thing. And I just keep going, and just keep coming back. Still need to go a little bit easy for the time being. But I am on my way back, and I welcome help from all wrestlers (the more experienced, the better) who want to assist in my retraining. I love being a wrestler. The last seven years have changed my life, all for the better. I have met hundreds of awesome guys, and become close friends with many of them. That said, I am always open to making new friends too, so don't hesitate to reach out, or stop by if you are passing through (I also make my wrestling space available to those who have a match lined up but who have no place to roll.) I am cool with wrestling any age or ability level, but I do prefer to roll with guys who are in good shape, who have some skills, and who are loaded with energy (must be twenty-one and up). Also, am generally open to a very wide variety of wrestling-related extracurricular activites, but please be ready for a good, hard, aggressive roll too. Stay strong and stay sweaty guys, and, as always, good wrestling, Joe
Taunton Massachusetts

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