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austinwrestling Male 24 Gay Wrestling, no sex
Hi there! I'm into most forms of wrestling... Including erotic wrestling, wrestling with gut punches, sub, oil wrestling, nude wrestling, group matches, two on one, heel/jobber, give and take, play wrestling, and I want to try pro wrestling. I also like gut punching, muscle worship, role-playing, gear, and frotting. If you have any other ideas of a great time let me know! I am six feet tall and have a slim build. I am a novice and young wrestler, therefore I'm also perfectly willing to learn and practice holds. If you are in Austin or planning to travel this way feel free to shoot me a message! I am able to meet you at your hotel to wrestle. You can also catch me in the chat room from time to time and we can chat there. If we've agreed on a fight we can certainly cam there. Thanks for taking a look at my profile and if you like what you see vote for my profile! If I send you a vote that also means I want to wrestle you.
Austin Texas

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