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WAnted wrestles in Sydney or my place and can host, up for agreed stakes
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auscol Male 72 Gay Squash Match
All plans to meet and wrestle put on hold for now due to risk of virus but am an older guy who loves to wrestle with guys of most legal ages and am keen to meet up when it is possible to travel again Am happy to be either to wrestle how you enjoy it as long as safe, and of course it has to be at a reasonable pace I can now handle at my age Especially enjoy wrestling Asian guys but others too Probably more a jobber than heel and beginner level nowadays but don't just give up without trying and know many holds and enjoy wrestling most types hugely CHALLENGE YOU ! Come on guys in either Sydney Australia, Singapore, or UK various dates 2019-2020 I can let you know. When those places have hotel room to wrestle in Will be in UK from 5th December 2019 to 7th January 2020 and can travel or host for some fun very erotic safe wrestle action at an agreed pace/level and empathis on fun with use of loads of holds in gear or no gear I will be at those places which are listed above, and challenge me with the action of your choice CHALLENGE YOU ! Let's wrestle safely and for stakes if agreed Really enjoy working over or being worked over by an Asian guy or lighter guy Located in Northern NSW but get to Sydney, Gold Coast, and Brisbane too will be in Sydney night of 3rd December and then night of 10th January and challenge you to wrestle me then and you can also suggest stakes or whatever too if you are up for that. Latinos, african americans, asians, all cool and will take on most legal ages name your challenge and stakes if you want also all safe and sane action and enjoy very long sessions aussiewrestler Colin CAN SEND LATEST PICS BY Email. No time wasters or no shows please
Sydney Australia

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