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Aussie Guy into bodybuilding, muscle and wrestling
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au Male 50 Gay Coach - bodybuilding
Aussie gym guy into training and growing quality muscle. Goals for 2010: getting to bodybuilding competition shape and travelling to the United States. Update: Into American dudes, especially jacked up muscle guys / bodybuilders. Working at becoming a jacked up big dude myself. Newly single. Safe only. Not into cock shots, tend to prefer a little left up to the imagination that's all. Not really into the scene - would rather be at gym or out seeking inspiration elsewhere. Don't get me wrong, still happy to go out *** occasionally. *** UPDATE: Will be visiting the USA starting with Las Vegas in late September to attend the Mr Olympia competition. Will also visit LA, Miami, San Francisco & NY. Looking forward to it as it's my first time in the US. I live in Sydney Australia.
Sydney Australia
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