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athens1066 Male 51 Gay Wrestling, no sex
Know very little about wrestling, so only interested in meeting guys who are okay with a real beginner. Don't want to get too rough, just a little fun rough-housing. Would be very interested in learning the different holds and enjoying the bonding experience. I remember watching pro wrestling as a kid and enjoying the good guy vs. bad guy drama. Have also developed an interest in learning more about classical wrestling. Very interested in forced nudity role play situations: strip searches, physical exams, hostage situations, blackmail fantasies, etc. Love the idea of being accused of stealing or dealing drugs, and forced to strip slowly in the back of a business or an office, in order to prove my innocence. Not interested in going very far sexually, but hot to imagine another guy's hands all over me and maybe being 'forced' to put on a solo show for him. VERY interested in situations where I refuse to remove my clothing, only to have it wrestled off me.
Columbus Ohio

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