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Looking to freestyle playfully to aggressively.
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artcre8r1 Male 63 Gay Wrestling with sex
I have been a member in the past. I did have matches but few. I had brain surgery one year ago. I have not wrestled in about 10 years, I sure do miss it. I am thinking since having surgery wrestling for me will be more playful than really aggressive as it was in the past, and I know I am going to be aggressive regardless. I was shooting to pin in the past and met men who mostly wanted it to be a sexual experience. I am unsure how I feel about that, unless I am attracted to you. I loved the give and take of strength and the working of the muscles. I get a bit of an attitude with men who are stronger than me and it pisses me off, I can become very foul mouthed. I am a very determined bugger. I am attracted to men in tightie whities, briefs, singlets. A bulge captures my attention. A match of man muscle all over man muscle is what I am after. I enjoy erotic wrestling, exchange of holds, muscles working with men who are in good shape! Lengthy and sweaty matches are what I am up for. Excuse my sins if I don't get back to you, this new fangled, tap this link to get to this link, makes me ga ga and not in a good way...grrrrr!!!
Los Angeles California

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