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armwrestlenufcfreak Male 31 Bisexual Submission Wrestling
Moved to Milwaukee to be closer to my boyfriend. Met on MenWrestle 4 yrs ago actually and we just hooked up in April.! I'm/we are looking for some submission tag team action or round robinns. I will be updating pics soon. Posted pics today of a few of him I took b4 we wrestled on vacation..still have to post us going at it! he n I in our spidey morphs. love to wrestle and armwrestle men and women and .interested in meeting athletic men/women for real submission wrestling. Also dont know how much interest there is out there but I have an EX G/F that wants to do mixed tag wrestling matches along with me or my bf . I will also wrestle sub m2m, I do get turned on by the ACT but I like to wrestle till proven whom is alpha, if you're bigger, stronger or just far more skilled than I, PROVE IT! i am by no means trained.....available for the m/f tags btw.first can host. I will be joining my man in FL while he works there for a few months and gladly accept any challenges while I am there.
Chicago Illinois
Milwaukee Wisconsin

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