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Newbie - Male Bonding, Wrestling, Forced Holds
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armpitpup Male 58 Gay Wrestling with sex
Wrestled a bit in Jr High. Swimmer afterwards which is a non-contact sport. I'm a newbie at this giving a try for some male bonding via wrestling, including body worship, lifting, gut punching, maybe practicing holds. Like to have a younger or similar age, tough little bro type (never had a brother) show me the 'ropes' with some play in the mix. Def. can use and welcome some training. Can't help but be turned by the scent of manly armpits so if you don't pin me down I'm gonna try and pin you down with one arm up over your head and an exposed armpit for me to dive into--which can be negotiated if you're not tough enough to endure it (perhaps I shouldn't tell you I like it). Fragrance-deodorant free highly preferred (a bit allergic) but not a deal breaker.
San Diego California

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