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OK I am john 21, I
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arizonagutpuncher Male 32 Straight Gut punching
OK I am john 21, I weigh around 225 muscle. I am into gut punching and belly punching. I'll start off with my idea male first and then female. I'm straight keep that in mind. So i'm not gay or bi, but I am however turned on at the idea of gut punching a man. not any man though I am picky. Age does not matter. But I want a chubby/ fat man. and have to be white or caucasian. not racist just thats me preference.I like to gut punch. and anytthing involved with it. I'm strictly a puncher.I will not take punches. I am into roleplay scenerios with gut punch also like, 2 on 1, interrogation, kidnapping, hostage. etc. thats about all i can come up with as to what i'm into Since I am NOT gay or bi, I will not do anything sexual with you or have you do anything sexual with me. The most sexual thing I might do is jerk myself off during the gut punch session, but that would involve no contact from you to my dick. It'd be all me. If all that is good with you message me if you're ever near me.
Tucson Arizona

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