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arcticranger Male 54 Bisexual Photo Exchanges
50yo guy, 5'7' 130lbs, nice chest and dick, hairy below the belt, aggressive and like to dominate guys, especially average type builds about my own height, i mean not overly worked out just normal. prefer white guys. enjoy giving headlocks, holds, commands, etc. i do some boxing at Church Street Boxing in NYC as well as Seattle Boxing Gym just off Pike St. the shadow boxing drill at SBG is great, 5 guys packed into the ring, shorts only, the difficulty of not touching another man being the whole point. if you like the feeling of sweat hitting your face from 5 directions go there. Wrestling was mandatory at my HS and i got matched up with a lot of school toughs who thought I was an easy win. I flipped and pinned them all using speed mostly and gained something of a reputation. Yes I got my ass kicked by the loser's friends at the end of those schooldays but i must have jerked off a thousand times reliving those pins. They were the start of my domination fantasies. Yes i like guys but total outsider to the gay scene, not into 70s disco, shaped eyebrows and stalking 23rd street staring into GRINDR.
New York New York

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