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Into sleeper holds, rear-naked chokes, head scissors, bearhugs, full nelsons and oil wrestling
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anvil910 Male 46 Gay Play wrestling
Not an experienced wrestler, but I use to watch wrestling on TV as a kid and it turned me on. I also enjoy watching MMA and UFC fights. I'm into applying and being trapped in long held sleeper holds, rear-naked chokes, head scissors, bearhugs and full nelsons, one slowly squeezing and weakening the other struggling to breathe losing consciousness. Also into oil wrestling and frot. Just a Filipino guy looking for hot chat with muscular/fit/stocky/masculine guys who have similar interests. If we connect well and chemistry is there, maybe meet up for some playful/fun/safe erotic barefoot submission wrestling, getting a good sweaty workout, testing out strength competing to control/dominate, while trying out and trading some moves/holds that I like, and we'll see where things go.
Jersey City New Jersey

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