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Into sleeper holds, rear-naked chokes, head scissors, bearhugs, full nelsons and oil wrestling
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anvil910 Male 47 Gay Play wrestling
Just a Filipino guy looking for fun hot chat (I love alpha trash talk 😏), preferably with muscular/thick guys who are close to my stats and have similar interests. If we connect and chemistry is there, maybe meet up for some playful/fun/safe erotic barefoot promission wrestling, getting a good sweaty workout, testing out strength competing to control/dominate, while trading some moves/holds, and we'll see where things go. Would love a good massage afterwards too, especially a foot massage 🀀. I can also give you a massage. I'm into applying and being trapped in long held constricting holds, like sleepers, rear-naked chokes, head scissors, body scissors, bearhugs, and full nelsons, where one is slowly squeezing and weakening the other struggling to breathe losing consciousness. Love going back and forth trying to pin each other too. Also enjoy body splashes, some light punches, camel clutches, boston crabs, oil wrestling, frot, erotic power role play matches, and muscle worshiping thick biceps/chest/thighs. 😍 Not an experienced wrestler (no formal training), but I use to watch wrestling on TV as a kid and it turned me on. I also enjoy watching MMA and UFC fights. I'm a bit new to this, and interested in making some friends that I can learn from and practice with. Currently testing my limits as a jobber (but one that can fight back) to toughen up and strengthen my body, in hopes to become an unstoppable tank muhahaha... who thinks they can work me over and take me down? πŸ’ͺ🏼😈 (also wanting to practice being a heel with willing patient jobbers πŸ˜‰)
Jersey City New Jersey

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