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Extrm Boy Cal,
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alextremboy Male 42 Bisexual Wrestling with sex
Looking for wrestling: pro fantasy, submissive, no rules, role playing, , Jiu-jitsu and kickboxing training, fantasy, Although pro-wrestling When is my favorite. I have several fighters papers Alex Exxxtrem: sadist heel (rough) 100% fauls Ballbuster, nust etc..experto kick in Backyard wrestling, ultimate fighting ... loves to use ilegan in wrestling, you might be surprised what you can use in the hotel. NorteƱito Jr: Jobber, good and gallant guy, always humiliated by Heel (rude) I fouled, humiliated mopped the ring with ... but he always does his best to win ... the end is humiliated violated. Never is saved from being humiliated even if he wins the fight. North Star: Jobber / Heel. He does not know masque win. Barrio Chico Jr: The dancer play boy struggle ... not for being a jobber will believe it has no chance of winning. He is a Heel that shines Pro Fantasy: Fight 3 falls with time limit. rules: * not to win low blows. * Flat back. * Keys only to tire the opponent At the end of the fight: Free Fight: 3 Fallen bet: sex, masturbation or humiliation Single people: with equipment, not top 50, the sexual role is not important, economic diponibilidad. I love to dominate someone as much as I love being dominated. If you are strictly one or the other, it really works great!. **Shoot me a VOTE if you like the pics! NOT INTO CYBER
Tampico Mexico

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