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Human Heavy Bag / Dummy for Your Use
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akboitoy Male 39 Bisexual Open to all
Looking for someone that would enjoy having a real lump of meat to let loose on with no mercy - my suffering (and ultimately begging for it to stop) would ideally just make you want to go harder. I suppose you could say I'm a jobber into squash matches... but that implies some rights on my part. I'm really looking to be restrained and used as a human heavy bag (punching, kicking, knees, elbows, etc) or a training dummy. Doesn't have to be impact strikes, could be that you want to practice wrestling holds, I'm open to suggestion. (If you get off on this sort of scene then I'm happy to service your sexual needs too - but am perfectly happy keeping it professional if that's not your thing.) Things I would consider for the right person: 2-on-1, group, kinks, no limits, no safe word - and I accept full responsibility for the outcome. Really just want to see you letting loose and having fun at my expense. And just so you know, I'm actually a normal person... I just happen to have developed this deep-seated desire over the past few years - this is a carefully considered profile, I didn't post it lightly. Happy to travel anywhere for the right person. So if this sounds like you then definitely hit me up! [es: saco humano]
Auckland New Zealand

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