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Looking for some promission wrestling action.
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Westernstud Male 35 Gay Wrestling with sex
****Travel Plans for 2015**** Vancouver Pride August 1-7 October - TBA LA Atlantis Halloween Cruise October 24-Nov 12 Bangkok WP New Years Dec 28 - Jan 3, 2016 Been forever since I've updated this profile lol Shoot me a message if you're interested in setting up a match. Currently living in Yellowknife NT, originally from the GTA, and looking for some pro style submission matches. I travel as much as I can and willing to make detours along my travels to accommodate a hot match. ;D Into long holds that work over the whole body. My favs are boston crabs, camels, and fig 4s. Safe and sane are a must but like it rough. Mainly looking for fun slightly competitive matches. Like to give as much as I can take. I get bored easily, so you better be able to keep me interested. :P Depending on my mood I can job or heel. A quality that makes me versatile, on the mat and in bed. :P lol Lately I've been heeling in most of my matches, but I wouldn't mind a smooth fit heel to put me in my place. ;) Ideal gear would be starting in layers and stripping each other down during the match until the inevitable end. (if you know what i mean) Don't have a preference on ethnicity but do prefer clean cut or smooth bodies. Not real big hang ups on age as long as your fit. Good looking is good looking. Happy wrestling boys, play safe and . ;P Later days
Yellowknife Northwest Territories

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